La Nonna @ Holland Village

So Friday the 13th, the boy decided that we should have a lovely (and proper!) date out together at a fancy little place since he was leaving to Hong Kong soon and I would be left with no outlet to thrash my stress at. Plus, we’ve not had a proper date for a veeeeeeery long time cause I’m too caught up with work, too tired, too poor, etc. And I caught us going to the same place for supper every single time, whenever he came to pick me up from work (picked me up without a transport vehicle but I guess our legs would do for now, lol) after my afternoon shifts.





It’s getting quite bad, really, this business of us going to the same supper place – God, one day Imma flip the restaurant when my evil twin surfaces and gets frustrated with our mundane choice. Then again, it’s not really like we had a choice – it’s the only place nearby that is open til late. Hence, supper place.


But anyway, back to the fancy little restaurant story. Okay, truth is, I suggested the date. Being the secret princess that I am inside, I probably felt that I’ve gone for a long while without some pampering.


…and I feel like a complete spoilt brat just reading that last line. LOL. Trust me, I’m really not like this every day. Maybe I felt I needed a getaway from work; trying to find life outside work. I’ve been such a bum ever since work started. Didn’t want to dress up or trouble self thinking about what to wear, now that I don’t have to do it for work.


But since it’s a (proper!) date, I’ve decided to try out this dress I got from Whitesoot some time back! Was pretty excited cause well, it’s a new dress! :D






And since I was planning the night, I scouted for nice, affordable restaurants around town or somewhere out of the ordinary – nearby areas are getting very boring now – and settled for La Nonna at Holland Village. :D!


Of course, I had a little help from LadyIronChef and her trusty blog, went through the list of considerable restaurants and voila! I found this!




My attention was immediately snared by the interactive website, and I am rather pleased with the fact that the menu is up online – I have a thing for menus, virtual and/or physical – so there I was, happily browsing through and mentally picturing the dinner already. Lol.

I’m going to let these pictures tell their story. :D



Appetizing hard rolls to dip in olive oil and vinegar.



Calamari rings. The Arrabiata sauce was really good! SGD17



This unique creation of a pizza is called La Nonna Pizza. Cliché? SGD22
Tomatoes, mozarella, parmesan, asparagus, egg and black truffle!


The pizza is really good, absolutely delicious. Interesting combination of black truffle and egg. Not too fanciful of the asparagus though.



Squid Ink Spaghetti with Baby Clams. SGD22


THIS IS DA BOMB!!! I NEVER thought I’d ever like squid ink pasta – mainly cause of the colour, it’s quite off-putting – but oh my GOODNESS, this is SO GOOD! The boy and I shared a plate and you can just see him inching the plate closer and closer to him every bite! RAWR! I spy with my not-so-little eye, this traitorous action of his and we were both doing a mini tug-of-war. The pizza, we could share, but the pasta…we were both trying to claim full ownership. Lol.


Conclusion, it is very very good. :D



Can you just see the delicious pasta calling out to you…*stomach growls*. …Darn. I’m hungry now. :(


I was compelled to order a dessert so…


Pannacotta SGD12

Eggless vanilla custard cream served with fresh Berry Coulis


I guess what attracted me was the fact that it was eggless. I liked it. A lot. :D It’s smooth, and creamy, even without the eggs. But being a dessert lover, I would crave for something more…satisfying. Ideal for those who is up for light desserts after a good, hearty meal!





It was a good night. Too bad we were too stuffed to go for Cold Rock Ice Creamery (I really wanted ice-cream then, but I knew I would’ve blown up, LOL) so we just basked in the Friday night crowd and took a slow walk back to the train station. Not that slow, seeing we were sort of rushing to catch the last train. LOL, how unromantic.



The boy and his date. Aha! :) <3



Well, that’s it for the night, folks! My apologies for such a late post, my main intention was to talk about the food, really. :D


Nurses’ Day coming up soon! There’ll be a celebration in my hospital and I’m supposed to be awarded for good academic performance. Or something. Not exactly sure what it is cause nobody seems to be telling me what’s going on really! Stay tune for my appreciation on Nurses’ Day then! :)



Toodles! ♥

Your thoughts? :)