Nursing Is My Art.

I haven’t been blogging for 2 months. TWO. WHOLE. MONTHS.


I must’ve been really busy/drained/prioritizing other things or I must’ve been just plain lazy. HAHA.


Okay, well, life has been revolving around work lately – that I don’t deny. The only remaining time after work I have left, I spend either with loved ones or myself. I desperately crave for some ‘me’ time and no, those short hours after work, before bedtime do not count. I am seeking a life outside work, whatever is left. Currently, this is how I summarize my days:


The first thought I can remember, and the last, was nursing work.

- Florence Nightingale


I eat, sleep, walk and dream nursing; I kid you not. :-/ My best friends back home think I’m going insane and demand that I run away from work for a getaway. <3 Life of course, is never that easy. Running away is never an option, and besides, I still have to wait until I pass my probation to be allowed to officially take leave.




A friend once said, “In life, shit happens.” I say, “In nursing, shit happens. Literally. All the time.”




Well, shit or no shit, life goes on. Nobody said it was going to be easy. But nobody said it was going to be too difficult, too. :D


At the end of the day, it is the immense love of what you are doing that keeps you going. But to be honest, I believe there will always be this love-hate relationship between you and your burning passion.

Can you tell me you don’t feel any anger or frustrations with what you’re doing with your life at times?



I miss this other part of me.


Nursing is an art. It is MY art – one I can proudly work on; shape it, colour it, change it.



Sometimes, when you least expect it, a stranger comes to give you a little motivation.



Such intellectual conversation with my Siri. Trust me, I did NOT ask him for motivational advice. LOL.



And once in a while, little joys in life give us hope. And indirectly, a little push for the days to come.



Today is a Monday. Have a blessed week ahead – remember that positive forces will bring you through. :)


Graveyard shift tonight, round 1. May the force be with me. LOL.


P.S. I owe myself a graduation post. Next on the list!



Toodles. ♥

Your thoughts? :)